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Zhonglian Industries has many years’ experience in casting products and owns a strong technical team with professional engineers who are engaged in the mechanical industry for more than twenty years. Our experienced engineers and well-trained staffs can well understand customers’ drawings and requirements, thus can offer our customers excellent professional services.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the company’s highest priority. The control of the products’ quality is strictly exercised. Unlike the products’ final inspection for quality control, the company pays much more attention to the process control of production and has established a strict quality control system and the perfect quality control process. The company has successfully passed the I S O 9 0 0 1 quality management system certification and met the requirement of Association of American Railroads quality assurances program as specified in M-1003. All of these ensure Zhonglian Industries to produce the products that will exceed the customers’ quality expectations.

Company’s advantages
• All kinds of castings can be manufactured based on drawing, sample or specific industry standards.
• Premium quality standard guaranteed and full material testing process and quality control system applied (Chemical composition/Mechanical property/Harness/MT).
• Comprehensive product lines.
• Competitive and reasonable price.
• 100% inspection before shipment.
• Refund or replacement for any product faulty.

Trade Capability

Zhonglian Industries is a licensed exporter.

Questions and Answers (Q&A) about our services

Q: What material of castings can you do?
A: Our main products are steel castings, iron castings, and a small amount of aluminum castings. For most grades we can make it.

Q: How about the weight range of your products?
A: Our products’ weight ranges from 0.1kg-10T. Steel investment casting is 0.1-60kg.

Q: What processes can you use?
A: Precision casting, sand casting, investment casting and lost wax casting.

Q: What process is your steel casting?
A: Sand casting and investment casting.

Q: What surface finish processes do you use?
A: Polishing, sand blasting, painting, anti-rust oil, machining, galvanizing, etc.

Q: Can you manufacture according to our drawings?
A: Definitely. In fact, we mainly do customized products according to drawings. So technical drawing is a must. We can also do machining work. We’ll supply you with finished products if you like.

Q: Can you manufacture according to our sample? A: It is ok for simple part, but it is not recommended for a part with much machining work because there is probability that the part does not match other parts or not functions smoothly.

Q: Can you make samples for us before batch order?
A: Definitely. For most parts we first make samples and send them to customers for approval. Once approved, we will do batch production.

Q: Do you charge for mold/sample/freight when I order samples?
A: For mold and freight, we have to charge since it will cost more than just a sample. For samples, it depends on. The mold belongs to you once you have paid for it.

Q: What certificates can you provide?
A: ISO9001, AAR

Q: What is your company’s payment term?
A: T/T 30% in advance.

Q: What is your company’s delivery time?
A: Usually within 30 days.

Q: Where is the port your company ships the products to?
A: Shanghai or other main ports in China.